Information for the Submission of Samples

Post mortem cases and other diagnostic pathology specimens should be addressed to: specimens should be sent to the address on the right:

Download forms:

Histopathology form

Immunohistology form

Microbiology form

Post-Mortem form

RSPCA Post-Mortem form


These include:

  • Necropsies**;
  • Samples for histological examination (post-mortem samples and surgical biopsies from all animals);
  • Cytological specimens
  • Blood smears (diagnosis of boid inclusion body disease)
  • Effusions (> 1ml; diagnosis of feline infectious peritonitis)
  • Samples for scanning and transmission electron microscopy
  • Specimens for immunohistological examinations
  • Specimens for parasitological and enthomological examinations
  • Diagnostic microbiology specimens should be addressed to:

Microbiology Diagnostic Service
Tel: 0151 794 6118;

Specimens for the Mycoplasma Diagnostic Service should be addressed to:

Mycoplasma Diagnostic Service
Attn.: Cynthia Dare
Tel: 0151 794 6014

NB: For samples that are submitted for several tests, each address can be used.

Please note:

* It is a legal requirement that all specimens must be securely packaged.
** Post mortem examinations – please contact the Office to make arrangements (telephone: 0151 795 6294).


The Instituteof Veterinary Science has a website containing details of its diagnostic services and hospitals. This includes the range of services available as well as useful contacts and links to further related topics including our research. The link is as follows: .

Notes for the submission of diagnostic material

Tissue Samples

When submitting tissue samples for examination, please supply full relevant clinical information. This will enable us to be of greatest clinical assistance to you and, at the same time, will allow us to make the most use of the material for teaching and for compiling a properly accessioned collection of pathology material.

Relevant clinical details include:

  • anatomical site (accurately described);
  • duration of lesion;
  • clinical description of lesion: rate of growth, ulceration, inflammation, infection, etc.;
  • evidence (positive or negative) of metastasis;
  • history of previous surgery (with relevant histology reference number);
  • size of lesion (when portions only are submitted);
  • history of recent oestrus (particularly important in assessment of mammary tissue).

Please always indicate:

  • age, breed, sex of patient;
  • owner's name and address;
  • name of veterinary surgeon, practice title and address.

Electron Microscopical Examinations

Please contact the Office on (0151) 795 6294 or (0151) 795 6030 and ask for the specific fixatives and fixation techniques before collecting the samples. The fixatives can be sent to you in advance.

Post Mortem Examinations

Please contact the Office on (0151) 795 6294 to make arrangements for submission of cases and relevant paperwork.

Individual Cremation

Animals submitted for post mortem examination cannot be released to the owner after the necropsy. This is due to legal requirements (European Waste Catalogue 180202). However, we are allowed to release carcases for individual cremation to a licensed carrier. Arrangements for this have to be made by the referring veterinary surgeon / owner. The Veterinary Pathology Secretary can advise you on this procedure.

Legal / forensic / insurance cases

The Pathology Services provide a special service for legal/forensic and/or insurance cases. As these require extensive documentation and work-up, the turnover time is longer than in normal cases. Also, the consultation fee is higher and depends on the extent of work involved.