Why Veterinary Science in Liverpool?

Above all, it's all about you.

One of the great things about being a large, established veterinary school is the amount of choice we can offer students, researchers and professionals.

Our veterinary practices, referral hospitals, University-owned farms and ties with Chester Zoo mean you can work with the widest range of species, in exciting clinical settings.

A vast, extended research network provides an incredible range of research opportunities, not to mention the cutting edge knowledge and insights that quickly find their way into our taught programmes.

And our courses, whether undergraduate, postgraduate or CPD, offer a good level of flexibility.

Meet James, one of our current undergraduate students:

It's your programme

And we want you to get the most from it. We've great support networks, both formal and informal, to help you with your studies. As a school we pride ourselves on the high completion rates on all our courses.

Self study is an important part of our programmes at all levels and we help students, especially at undergraduate level, get into the habit of managing their learning and aligning it with their goals.

Many of our graduates continue their association with us throughout their careers, through our postgraduate, CPD and research programmes. We offer career-wide education and training for vets.

Your kind of place

Liverpool is a great city in which to study, live and work. Here are some of the highlights:-

  • Cosmopolitan world city that combines the historic with the new
  • Vibrant arts and music scene, with a good nightlife
  • Affordable housing and low cost of living compared with many other UK cities
  • Large academic community (more museums than any other UK city outside London)
  • Friendly, welcoming people (with the unique Liverpudlian sense of humour!)
  • Excellent shopping
  • Good location, with an international airport and strong rail / road links