Undergraduate students in state of the art veterinary teaching suites

Studying Veterinary Science as an Undergraduate

The University of Liverpool's first Veterinary School was the first of the UK Veterinary Schools to be part of a university, and the first to offer a degree in veterinary science. Building on this outstanding tradition, now the Institute of Veterinary Sciences, the Institute today has a continuing commitment to innovative veterinary education and research, giving students a fantastic start to their veterinary careers.

The Institute offers in-depth clinical, and research-based, training from world-renowned experts in their various fields, as well as practical experience in the three first-opinion clinics, and on the two farms. This means that all students receive an equal balance of training in the three main disciplines: equine, large animal, and small animal veterinary medicine and surgery.

Teaching in the Institute has a strongly research-led focus, with disease surveillance and public health being supported by the Animal Health Veterinary Laboratories Agency centre situated at Leahurst. Summer projects are available to those students thinking about a career in research and intercalation is strongly encouraged and supported.

Students wishing to explore veterinary research further during their time in Liverpool are able to follow interests in epidemiology, infection biology, disease ecology and evolution with the MSc in Veterinary Science, which lends a uniquely Liverpool experience to these studies.

Liverpool is a great place to study, with affordable living and an excellent nightlife. Just like the people of Liverpool, the Veterinary Institute's students and staff have a great reputation for being friendly and approachable, and with both graduate and Year Zero entry there has never been a better time to start studying Veterinary Science at Liverpool.

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