INSPIRE Public Engagement Activity

Public engagement is an important part of research.

We will give vet students the opportunity to be involved in public engagement activities. These include;

  1.  The University of Liverpool (UoL) has a collaboration with Liverpool Museum to host ‘Meet the Scientist’ events. These comprise a variety of stations with different scientific, medical and veterinary themes. We will give students the opportunity to help to run 1-3 stands at the biannual Liverpool Museum ‘Meet the Scientist’ event; Veterinary researchers, postdocs and PhD students from UoL already involved with this event will develop ideas for stations with the students and mentor them. Vet students will assist with the activities on the day of the event and can have an input into the type of activities planned. For example we have run a comparative anatomy stand including live dogs and bones to enable the public to understand how our bodies and animals are similar and different.

The UoL runs five of these ‘Meet the Scientist Events’ per academic year and so there is scope for students being involved in a number of events. Stands developed could be used or adapted at subsequent events. We will encourage medical and dental students to also become involved.

Liverpool Vet School INSPIRE Public Engagement Training Event March 2020

Veterinary undergraduates recently attended a Public Engagement Training Workshop. Here is a report from one of the attending students;

The INSPIRE training was fantastic to attend, emphasising the importance of considering how to plan appropriate activities for the public to engage with. As vets (in training), or veterinary research scientists it is so important to be given a platform to communicate important information in an interesting and dynamic way. As fundamentally our aim is to improve society for animals and people, so it really is paramount to be able to reach out the general public and start important conversations. Getting people interested, and hopefully inspiring the next generation along the way. I can’t wait to get involved with all the events over the coming year, reaching the length and breadth of the UK with up and coming science, having impact and breaking down barriers between science, academia and the general public.