Career prospects

The Veterinary Conservation Medicine programme at Liverpool will enable you to have a much greater understanding and knowledge of the concepts and issues involved in conservation, and a wider appreciation of the roles veterinarians can play protecting and improving our environment.

We hope that your Veterinary Conservation Medicine BSc will enthuse you to consider a wider range of veterinary careers once you have qualified than might otherwise have been the case, particularly in areas related to conservation and research.

Our graduates go on to diverse careers. Examples include past students who, with further training, have gone on to roles as zoo veterinarians, or veterinarians working at RSPCA wildlife hospitals. Often our graduates choose to pursue further research opportunities, such as Masters or PhD research. Many also go on to develop their careers in traditional veterinary practices, but with a deeper understanding of conservation and environmental issues, and some have taken different choices, such as working for environmental NGOs or charities.

Quotes from past students:

Looking back, it was my favourite year of university, not just because it was enormous fun and I made some lifelong friends, but because it was the year my career started. Doing the conservation medicine intercalated degree allowed me to challenge myself in new ways. I learnt to investigate real life conservation issues with an analytical and critical mind set. I discovered new skills in applied biology and learnt lab based research techniques. Finally and most importantly I decided I wanted to be a zoo veterinarian and began networking to pursue that career, ending up 12 years later as a veterinary officer at Chester Zoo”.

Gabby Drake, Veterinary Conservation Medicine Graduate

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