An EXCITING OPPORTUNITY exists for a motivated individual to work together with a research team involved in cutting edge research to gain market intelligence around a new medical device developed by Liverpool clinicians (The PPH Butterfly).

CONTEXT - The University of Liverpool is one of a number of centres which administers the Innovation for Commercialisation (ICURe scheme). This scheme enables university researchers with commercially-promising ideas up to £35k to ‘get out of the lab’ and validate their ideas in the marketplace.

HERE’S THE DEAL - Successful candidates will be granted an allowance of £35,000 which will cover:

  • Up to £15k to cover replacement salary costs for that period
  • £20k to cover customer delivery activities, which includes travel costs to global destinations (e.g. flights, in-country travel, accommodation – in line with UoL expenses policy) and registration fees for any conference attended.

Objective: You will be given a target of holding 100 conversations about the new medical device with key informants around the world during the three months travel. At the end you will report your findings to the Options Roundabout panel at the end of your ICURe journey. The conversations you have will help you form an understanding as to what the marketplace needs and how the PPH Butterfly device can impact those needs. This understanding might lead to “options” such as further research, the launch of a University spin-out company or a licencing deal.

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants must be employed by the University of Liverpool before and after the ICURe project.
  • Must be an early career researcher (either having just completed PhD or be a post-doc)
  • Must be able to negotiate a three month sabbatical from their current post

Programme consists of:

  • Intensive 3 Day Training Bootcamp
  • Get out of the lab and learn from customers
  • Lots of travel, meetings and trade shows
  • Bi-monthly update teleconferences and regular coaching sessions
  • Collect and share customer feedback
  • Develop a market-ready business model
  • Options Roundabout

For further information please contact either Professor Andrew Weeks aweeks@liverpool.ac.uk (795 9578) or Dot Lambert lambertd@liverpool.ac.uk (795 9579) or Dr. Shona Jones smbjones@liverpool.ac.uk (794 8570).

Details of the ICURe scheme are at https://www.setsquared.co.uk/programme/icure-programme/ and the PPH Butterfly at www.liv.ac.uk/pph-butterfly.