Application for Biosamples / Data

Applications to the LBIH Biobank for access to samples can be made by completing an LBIH Biobank Application Form. Completed forms should be emailed to

Applications that do not have existing ethical approval must be accompanied with a CV for each of the co-applicants. LBIH CV Template.

If the project has existing external ethical approval a copy of the approval letter should also accompany the application.

The Liverpool Bio-Innovation Hub (LBIH) Biobank has Research Tissue Bank status as approved by the North West 5 Research Ethics Committee (REC). Under the terms of its ethical approval all research projects conducted in the UK using material supplied by the LBIH Biobank, provided that the release of tissue or data complies with the attached conditions (see below), will be deemed to have ethical approval from the North West 5 REC. Researchers will not have to make project-based applications to their local REC for ethical approval.

In order to satisfy the requirements for material to be released under the generic approval status, samples of human tissue or other biological material may be supplied and used in research projects to be conducted by researchers and research institutions within the UK and in other countries in accordance with the following conditions:

  1. The application should be within the fields of medical or biomedical research.
  2. The LBIH Biobank must be satisfied that the application has been subject to scientific critique, is appropriately designed in relation to its objectives and is likely to add valuable information to existing knowledge.
  3. The LBIH Biobank must be satisfied that the use of material complies with the terms of donor consent (the Biobank has obtained informed consent for use in future research, "broad consent")
  4. All material and associated clinical information must be non-identifiable to the applicant at the point of release (ie linked anonymised, the LBIH Biobank retains the link to the donor).
  5. Material will not be released to any project requiring further data or material from donors themselves.
  6. A supply agreement must be in place with the applicant to ensure storage, use and disposal of the material in accordance with HTA Codes of Practice, the terms of the ethical approval and any other conditions required by the LBIH Biobank.

An application in the UK using material provided by the LBIH Biobank in accordance with these conditions will be considered to have ethical approval from the North West 5 REC under the terms of its approval of the LBIH Biobank. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland this means that the applicant will not require a licence from the Human Tissue Authority for storage of the material for use in relation to this project.