Design and statistical analysis of pre-clinical model experiments for regenerative medicine studies (New)

Organised jointly with 'The UK Regenerative Medicine Platform Safety Hub'.

This workshop will run for the first time on the 18th November 2016 for members of the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform’s Hubs.

The course is intended for researchers working on pre-clinical model experiments for regenerative medicine studies and provides the necessary foundation to design an experiment, analyse the data and interpret the results. Some of the topics to be included are: sources or bias and variability, how many models/individuals are required, factorial ANOVA and MANOVA tests.

Contact: Claire Hutchinson ( to book a place
Marta García-Fiñana ( for queries about the workshop.

An Introduction to Multivariate Data Analysis (One-day workshop)

This workshop includes lectures on techniques of multivariate data analysis (Principal Component Analysis, Cluster Analysis and Discriminant Function Analysis), which will be illustrated using biomedical examples.

Queries regarding the workshop can be directed to Dr. Chris Cheyne (