Centre for Preclinical Imaging

Centre for Pre-Clinical Imaging 2nd Annual Symposium

Welcome and Introduction

Professor Harish Poptani, Centre for Preclinical Imaging

Session 1: The past year – imaging at CPI

Jonathan Evans - Development of a murine model of colorectal cancer; application to the optimisation of therapy

Fang Zhang - The role of the transcription factor Nrf2 as a potential enhancer of hepatic regeneration

Jack Sharkey - Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography for the Assessment of Organ Function And Cell Tracking

Lauren Scarfe - BLI/MRI: Multi-Modal Imaging for Cell Tracking Studies

Fiona Mutter - Real-time in vivo imaging of drug-induced oxidative stress

Key Note Lecture

Prof Jim Delikatny, University of Pennsylvania, USA - Probing cancer metabolism with molecular imaging

Session 2: Imaging related resources in Liverpool

Graham Kemp - MARIAC - MR-based methods in human research

Raphael Levy - CCI - Imaging across the scales: a C(C/P)I vision

Bryan M. Williams - CMIT - Centre for Mathematical Imaging Techniques: Aiming to get more out of a single image

Lu-Yun Lian - Metabolomics - NMR metabolomics applied to understanding resistance and metabolic dysfunction

Ian Prior, ITM - Biomedical electron microscopy and 3D volume imaging

Rob Van ‘T Hof, IACD - Micro-CT: not just for bone

Joscelyn Sarsby, Centre for Proteome Research - Imaging for the masses

Session 3: The past year – imaging at CPI

Joan Comenge - Gold Nanorods as contrast agents: In vivo photoacoustic tracking of cells using MSOT

Joseph Zeguer - Cell-labelling Strategies for Multi-modal Pre-clinical Imaging of Small Animals

Tom Leather - Investigating a mouse model of microcephaly using MRI

Abigail Chahil - Preliminary MRI Assessment into Acute Drug Induced Liver Injury