Children's Health Research

The Child Health Research Team is based at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, a new £280M facility opened in 2015 with a catchment area of 7.5 million and more than 275,000 episodes of care per annum including 65,000 children seen in the A&E department.

A new, state-of-the-art bespoke ‘Alder Hey Institute in the Park’ brings together the strengths of the University and NHS in Research, Innovation and Education (Phase I, £12.5M opened 2015, with the £13M Phase II extension opening in 2018) with outstanding laboratory facilities.

The recently renewed £2M funding to support the NIHR Alder Hey Clinical Research Facility (CRF) for Experimental Medicine led by Professor Beresford serves as a hub for conducting experimental medicine / early phase / late phase clinical trials / studies in neonates and children to ensure that Liverpool is seen as a key UK and European player for drug development in paediatrics.

Child Health Research comprises a number of important research groups, all lead by senior academics with established teams and considerable income streams. These include:

  • Paediatric Respiratory and Cystic Fibrosis led by Professors Southern and McNamara, along with Drs Semple and Flanagan, includes a longstanding Cystic Fibrosis and RSV bronchiolitis, lung aspiration, asthma and effects of tobacco smoke research programme;
  • Paediatric Rheumatology including the UK’s only ‘Centre of Excellence for Childhood Lupus’ and ‘Experimental Arthritis Treatment Centre for Children’ (>£1.4M) led by Professor Beresford, recently joined by Professor Hedrich;
  • Paediatric Orthopedics, led by Mr Daniel Perry, NIHR Clinician Scientist leading major national and international clinical studies in paediatric orthopaedics;
  • One of the few national centres supporting the development of Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology, led by Dr Hawcutt, is a close collaboration with the Wolfson Centre for Personalised Medicines and the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Sciences;
  • Neonatal Medicine, led by Dr Turner, including translational medicine and clinical therapeutics for newborn babies;
  • Neurodisability and International Child Health led by Dr Gladstone leading many studies and initiatives nationally and internationally. Indigo Study;
  • Paediatric Surgery led by Professor Losty and Mr Kenny delivering world class research in major congenital malformations including congenital diaphragmatic hernia and Hirschsprung’s disease;
  • Paediatric Nephrology, led by Dr Louise Oni, developing an inter-disciplinary, collaborative ‘Renal Inflammation and Injury’ translational research programme.