Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Courses in Physiology and Anatomy

Physiology can be defined as the science that is concerned with investigating the function of living systems. This does include both animals and plants, however here at the University of Liverpool our primary focus is on humans and mammals. Historically, physiology developed as a scientific discipline to explore the normal function of the body so that the disease process could be understood.

Physiologists work at a number of different levels, from the whole organ and tissues through to a more specific cellular and molecular plane. Using a variety of different methods the physiology researcher investigates the function of both healthy and diseased tissues, so it easy to see how Physiology continues to form a major component of degrees in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, pharmacology and sports science.

The Department of Physiology in Liverpool has a consistent track record of excellence in research and teaching. It provides taught courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, including BSc Hons Physiology; a Master of Research course, and offers places for PhD studies in Physiology. The Department also provides modules to students studying programmes in the .

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