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This is Rachel Parkes, Head of Project and Programme Management, and Natalie Carpenter, Project Support Officer, both based in the Strategic Change Department at the University of Liverpool, and you are listening to The Academy’s Developing Practice Podcast.


Rachel Parkes

Rachel Parkes has worked in project management for over 15 years with experience in local government working on education and regeneration projects and programmes and then more recently spending the last 9 years at the University of Liverpool. Rachel joined the University to project manage the student experience set up of the London campus before getting involved in business improvement projects within Student Administration and Support and leading the first Wellbeing Strategy and Wellbeing Week project. Rachel’s current role is Head of Project and Programme Management which involves developing the methodology for project and programmes, acting as a change manager for projects and supporting the team of project professionals in managing change. Rachel loves all things project and still gets chance to get stuck in when needed like the recent CAMPUS Shield COVID response and recovery project which received national recognition and was shortlisted for an APM award.

Natalie Carpenter

Natalie Carpenter has worked at the University of Liverpool for three years after completing her undergraduate degree at the institution. Natalie’s first role was as a Graduate Trainee which gave her the opportunity to work in four different areas across the organisation and gain an understanding of the wide range of support professional services colleagues offer. During this time Natalie contributed to projects around recruitment, outreach and sustainability, and enjoyed the opportunity to work with colleagues to deliver improvements for staff and students. This influenced Natalie’s decision to join the Strategic Change department as a Project Support Officer, where she is currently working on the PS Futures Programme.

In this podcast we chat with Rachel and Natalie about strategic change and, even though change is often difficult, how it can be managed using the right methodology.

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