Supporting and enhancing technical roles in higher education

In this podcast we chat with Jan and Chris about their work with our technicians at the University of Liverpool.


Jan Brett has been in technical services for over twenty-five years. She was a technical team leader at Liverpool University for nearly fourteen years and has been in post as Technical Development and Planning officer here for just over two years. Jan also chairs the Liverpool University Technical Network and loves all things technician related! Jan was recently made a Fellow of the Institute of Science and Technology. She is a registered Chartered Scientist with the Science Council and has been recently trained as a registration application assessor. She also takes an active role in peer reviewing Technician Commitment Action plans from other organisations across the UK.

Jan is married and has two children; her son is now a technician at Liverpool University as well! She has a sprollie dog called Fizz, loves dog walks and being at the beach. She also loves swimming and dancing and is part of an adult dance troupe at Phoenix Dance and Drama in Upton Wirral; where her daughter also dances.

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