Job Description

As an evaluation researcher, my role focuses on the establishment and delivery of an evaluation framework to track both the short-term (i.e. implementation, participation and engagement) and long-term (I.e. longitudinal evaluation) outcomes of the Prosper project and its participants. 

I have previous experience with conducting, commissioning and evaluating research projects, drawing upon both qualitative and quantitative methods. I am a team player excited to be part of the Prosper family and to contribute my expertise towards the successful project delivery. 

My key duties could be summarised as follows: 

  • Develop and deliver the Prosper evaluation framework  
  • Establish a set of initial benchmarking data for the project using nationally and locally available datasets
  • Establish protocols for gathering data to:
    A) track rates of participation against a range of personal attributes and characteristics by postdocs and PIs
    B) evaluate the benefits to employers in engaging in the pilot and impact on their perceptions of postdocs as future employees
  • Establish a longitudinal evaluation framework to track the agreed success criteria and longer-term outcomes of the project and those participating in it 
  • Develop an approach to gather longer-term data about the career progress of postdocs involved in the project.