Technology Directorate Voucher Scheme

Technology Directorate Voucher Scheme

The Technology Directorate Voucher Scheme is now open.

The Technology Directorate Voucher Scheme is a way to help people to use our SRFs who might find access fees a problem. 

Who can apply? Applications are invited from all full time academic staff, research fellows, clinical fellows and tenure track fellows in the Faculty of Health and Life Science. The scheme is not open to any other staff grades or post grads and post docs. Sorry.

Where do I find out more? To find out more about the scheme, please download the guidance notes (pdf) which we strongly advise you to read carefully.

When is the deadline for applications?  Applications for the current round need to be submitted no later than Friday 15th November, 5pm.

When will I find out the outcome of my application? Applications to the scheme will be assessed by the Technology Directorate Strategy Group when it meets on 2nd December and outcomes will be communicated soon after.

Where can I find the application form?  Download the application form (pdf) and return it to us by 5pm Friday 15th November.

If you require further information about the scheme, please contact Duncan Robertson or Ben Mollitt.

Still unsure about whether the voucher scheme is for you? 


Acknowledgements and Branding

If you have used one of our Shared Research Facilities or have been awarded a voucher, please help us to maintain our funding by acknowledging us in any papers, posters or talks you give.  To make it a bit easier we've prepared a document containing some standard acknowledgements, our University of Liverpool logo and our design element.  If these don't quite fit the bill, please feel free to use your own.