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Enhancing the research environment

The best resources to develop your ideas

The Technology Directorate has a clear and defined role: to ensure that the all members of our Faculty have access to the equipment and expertise to pursue outstanding science.

We have established a group of Shared Research Facilities (SRFs) that contain the necessary resources to turn good ideas into groundbreaking research.

Also open to external collaborators, they're a great way to access the facilities and expertise of a world class research university.

Here's how the Technology Directorate can help your research:

  • Cutting edge equipment: a continued, sustained programme of investment means our SRFs contain the most up to date instruments and equipment.
  • Complementary expertise: each SRF is run by an academic lead who is an expert in their field.
  • Supported and managed facilities: all the equipment in our SRFs is supported and maintained by dedicated technical staff.
  • Voucher scheme: to help early career researchers use our SRFs, we run a voucher scheme to help offset access fees.  Go to our Voucher Scheme pages for more details and guidance notes.
  • Flexible models of engagement: whether you want training to run your own samples on our instruments, to spend time working in an SRF under the guidance of the academic lead or to just deliver samples to the door, if we can accommodate it, we will.
  • Online resources: we have developed tools to assist researchers to find the best approach and right equipment for their research. Visit our online tools page for more details.
Watch: Dr Duncan Robertson provides a brief overview about the Technology Directorate