Centre for Proteome Research

Multiple platforms covering many applications

The Technology Directorate’s Proteomics Facility works alongside the highly successful Centre for Proteome Research, established in 2000 by Professor Rob Beynon. The facility operates 14 mass spectrometry platforms that support a wide range of techniques.

However, the centre offers more than just world class technology. The staff offer full consultancy and support, from experimental planning to data analysis. This ensures the best quality data from the most appropriate techniques.

Whilst the group has an established track record of developing novel approaches, the core offering falls into two areas:

1. Protein Mass Spectrometry

Planning and executing detailed studies of single or few proteins is a core capability of the centre. This might include sophisticated protein mass determination, identification and structural studies.

Previous projects include: characterisation of polymorphic protein groups; complete sequencing of a protein from a poorly understood organism and assessments of amino acid residues in proteins.

2. Discovery Proteomics & Protein Identification

Whether you need to identify one band of proteins from a gel or an entire cell, the centre can provide the best solution from a range of analytical techniques. These include: protein identification; protein characterisation; protein intact mass determination; protein quantification; proteome quantification: SILAC or label free; biomarker discovery/validation; GCMS.

WATCH: Prof Rob Beynon provides a brief overview about the Centre for Proteome Research.

For further details contact Rob Beynon or visit the facility website.