The NMR team

  • Prof Lu Yun Lian

    Prof. Lu-Yun Lian


    Lu-Yun Lian is director of the NMR centre for structural biology. As an NMR structural biologist, her research interests centre around using NMR to investigate the molecular structure and dynamics of disease pathways. She is established at the forefront of the applications of NMR to large biological systems, in particular of multidomain proteins.

  • Dr Marie Phelan

    Dr. Marie Phelan

    NMR Technologist

    In her role as NMR Technologist, Marie is responsible for the organisation of the shared research facilities in the NMR Centre. Her interests focus on the applications of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for the study of biological systems. She has structurally characterised many macromolecular interactions including protein:RNA, protein:drug, protein:protein and protein:lipid-membrane.