NMR and metabolomics

Non Destructive Analysis of Metabolites

The NMR metabolomics facility is a growing centre of excellence in this newly emerging Omics field.  Working alongside the NMR Centre for Structural Biology it houses 600MHz and 700MHz spectrometers fitted with Samplejet autosamples to enable closely monitored and reproducible introduction of labile samples for metabolomic analysis.

Metabolomics projects are usually undertaken as collaborative projects and different modes of engagement can be tailored to suit individual needs.  The NMR technologist and centre manager, Dr Marie Phelan, has gained a wealth of experience analysisng delicate metabolomics samples from a wide variety of sources and can provide valuable advice on all aspects of a metabolomics experiment including sample collection and data analysis.

The metabolomics facility works closely alongside the NMR Centre for Structural Biology, that specialises in solving macromolecular structures and charactering interactions between modules.

To find out more about the facility visit the website or WATCH Dr Phelan explain about Metabolomics.