Computational Biology Facility


Omics technologies are playing a significant and increasing role in Life Sciences research. However, as Omics technology advances it is producing ever bigger data sets of increasing complexity.

Analysing large datasets is a highly specialised task, requiring a level of computing expertise that is beyond many investigators. Computational Biology, the science of analysing large scale biological data, has the potential to offer great insight into biological systems but is difficult to access.

The Computational Biology Facility seeks to remove the informatics bottleneck in the Omics pipeline. Headed by two highly experienced investigators, Professor Francesco Falciani and Professor Andy Jones, the facility seeks to supply a range of standard and bespoke services to Life Science researchers.

The following services are available:

  • Study design and power analysis
  • Identification and analysis of suitable public domain omics datasets
  • Data processing
  • Data analysis
  • Advanced statistical modelling for pathway analysis and biomarker discovery
  • Advanced multi-omics dataset integration
  • Custom bioinformatics pipelines, databases and  software development
  • Training in Computational and Systems Biology

WATCH: Prof Falciani and Prof Jones talk about the Computational Biology Facility: