Photo of Dr Lakis Liloglou

Dr Lakis Liloglou B.Sc.(hons), Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer in molecular oncology Molecular & Clinical Cancer Medicine


    Selected Publications

    1. A Prognostic DNA Methylation Signature for Stage I Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (Journal article - 2013)
    2. A microRNA-based prediction algorithm for diagnosis of non-small lung cell carcinoma in minimal biopsy material (Journal article - 2013)
    3. TPL2 kinase is a suppressor of lung carcinogenesis (Journal article - 2013)
    4. DNA Methylation Biomarkers Offer Improved Diagnostic Efficiency in Lung Cancer (Journal article - 2012)
    5. UHRF1-Mediated Tumor Suppressor Gene Inactivation in Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer (Journal article - 2011)