Photo of Dr Linda D'Amore

Dr Linda D'Amore PhD

Post Doctoral Fellow Liverpool Shared Research Facilities


Personal Statement

I'm a plant biotechnologist and molecular biologist interested in developing Next Generation Sequencing methodologies for large construct QC and LIMS system for molecular biology.

During my PhD in Bari (Italy) in plant breeding and pathology I have studied secondary metabolism pathways in artichoke to isolate genes involved in the synthesis of useful compound for human health.

In my post-doctoral research I have been involved in optimisation of protocols for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to improve quality data. I have collaborated with national and international companies for the development of instrumental & bioinformatic pipelines to accelerate commercial applications of metagenomics approaches.

After managing Genemill, one of the synthetic biology foundry in Uk, I have moved to a new role as the Centre for Genomic Research business development manager.CGR
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