Dr Julianty Frost BSc, PhD

Research Associate Molecular & Clinical Cancer Medicine


    Personal Statement

    I am currently a research associate in Professor Sonia Rocha's lab, working on the role of phosphorylation on prolyl hydroxylases and the dependency of hypoxia-inducible factors in the response of chromatin towards limited oxygen availability (hypoxia). As a postdoctorate in the SR lab, my role is to plan, develop and carry out experiments to further understand my research. I also take responsibility in supervising students in the lab, teaching and training them.

    During my PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology (University of Dundee, 2013-2017), I worked on the characterisation of von Hippel-Lindau inhibitor as chemical probes in the hypoxia signalling pathway in Professor Alessio Ciulli's lab, with Professor Sonia Rocha as my secondary supervisor. I had obtained an honours degree in Molecular Biology in the same university (2011-2013) and a diploma in Biomedical Sciences in Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore (2008-2011).

    I am interested in the cellular pathway that responds to low oxygen level (hypoxia), specifically in the regulation of prolyl hydroxylase enzymes that senses low oxygen, as well as, the contribution of hypoxia-inducible factor to how chromatin responds to hypoxia