Photo of Dr Ben Francis

Dr Ben Francis M.Math. Ph.D.

Research Associate ZZ (DO NOT USE) was Translational Medicine


    Personal Statement

    Ben Francis is a Research Associate in the Department of Biostatistics. Ben has worked on different areas of individualised drug therapy using various data analysis techniques applied to Omic, Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic datasets.

    Currently, he is is a statistical consultant to the Centre for Drug Safety Science at the University of Liverpool. As per the demands of the centre, Ben employs a wide range of statistical methodologies and techniques in multi-disciplinary collaborations with pharmacologists, basic scientists and clinicians as well as other statisticians. Ben is also lead statistician in the Liverpool-based work package of the EU-funded EpiPGx project. The aims of this work package are to identify genome-based biomarkers of treatment response in newly-diagnosed epilepsy patients using novel mixture modelling survival analysis techniques.

    Ben has particular interest in improving the range of statistical methodologies that can be applied genome-wide, for this he has written software for analysis of competing risk data genome-wide (Github) and is preparing a further software for analysis of mixture survival models genome-wide.