Photo of Dr Anne Herrmann

Dr Anne Herrmann

NC3Rs David Sainsbury Fellow Molecular & Clinical Cancer Medicine


    Personal Statement

    Anne is a molecular biologist and received her PhD from the Dresden University of Technology, Germany. Her PhD focused on the impact of hypoxia and Notch on neuronal stem cells. She then moved to the University of Oxford to study the role of hypoxia and novel Notch target genes in breast cancer before moving to the University of Liverpool. There she worked with Drs Violaine Sée and Diana Moss to study how hypoxia affects neuroblastoma. As an NC3Rs David Sainsbury Fellow, her main aim is to develop the chick embryo model as a replacement for rodent models of tumour progression and metastasis. Her research is currently focusing on breast cancer metastasis using advanced live egg imaging with fluorescence and bioluminescence.oblastoma.