Staff in the faculty

Dr. J. Barclay e-mail Neuronal signalling and addiction
Professor B. Campbell e-mail Molecular mechanisms of bacteria-host interactions in intestinal inflammation and inflammation-associated cancer
Professor M. Clague e-mail Ubiquitin biology and cell signaling in cancer and neurodegenerative disease
Professor P. Clegg e-mail Biomechanics and physiology of tendon aging
Professor J. Coulson e-mail Transcriptional regulation and ubiquitylation in cancer
Dr. D. Criddle e-mail  Mitochondrial pathophysiology and cell death mechanisms
Dr. C. Dart e-mail  Cellular mechanisms controlling arterial contractility
Professor C. Goldring e-mail Pharmacological modulation of liver regeneration for cancer therapy
Dr. L. Haynes e-mail Calcium binding proteins in cell physiology and pathophysiology
Professor Malcolm Jackson e-mail Molecular physiology of oxidative stress and adaptation
Professor L-Y Lian e-mail Protein Acetylation in the Mitochondria and Structural Biology
Professor A. Morgan e-mail Ageing and neurodegeneration
Professor D. MacEwan email Anti-apoptotic signalling underlying human leukaemia drug-resistance patterns
Dr. M. Morgan email Receptor dynamics and signalling in cancer
Professor P. Murray e-mail Stem cells: from basic biology to therapeutic applications
Professor B.K. Park e-mail Mechanisms of adverse drug reactions
Professor M. Pirmohamed e-mail Mechanisms of adverse drug reactions
Professor I. Prior e-mail Cancer biology, Ras signalling networks and kinome responses
Professor M. Pritchard e-mail Inflammation associated cancer development in stomach and intestine
Professor J. Quinn e-mail Impact of genetics and environment on mental health and behaviour
Dr N. Sanchez-Soriano e-mail

Cell biology of neurodegeneration and the ageing brain

Professor C Sanderson e-mail Human protein-protein interaction networks
Dr. M Stagi e-mail Live imaging and fluorescent tools to study neuronal physiology and neurodegenerative disease
Dr. L Swan e-mail Membrane traffic, phosphoinositide lipids and their associated congenital disorders
Professor A. Tepikin e-mail Cell signalling in bioenergetics, inflammation and cancer
Professor S. Urbé e-mail Cell Biology of Cancer and Neurodegenerative disease
Dr. B. Wilm e-mail Developing regenerative medicine therapies for kidney, peritoneal and cardiovascular disease
Dr. T. Zech e-mail Cancer cell invasion and metastasis

Programme Management Committee

Professor I. Prior - Programme Director
e-mail 0151 794 5332
Professor A. Tepiken - Deputy Programme Director e-mail 0151 794 5351
Dr. J. Barclay - Head of 1st year training (MRes) e-mail  0151 794 5307
Professor C. Sanderson e-mail  0151 794 4180  
Dr Alec Simpson - Director of Postgraduate Studies email 0151 794 5510
Dr. C. Dart e-mail  0151 795 4462
Professor M. Jackson e-mail  0151 706 4072
Mrs M. Nelson - Programme Secretary e-mail 0151 794 5329