The central nervous system (CNS) is one of the last great challenges to medical science. Its complexity and relative inaccessibility are reasons why the mechanisms behind most brain and spinal cord diseases are still unknown. This also explains why drugs for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric conditions have been so difficult to develop.

Disorders of the CNS are a major focus of research in the Department of Molecular & Clinical Pharmacology. As well as investigating the fundamentals of excitatory neurotransmission mediated by glutamate, we have active and multidisciplinary research programmes, covering everything from basic laboratory to clinical outcome studies, across three main therapeutic areas:

  • Epilepsy
  • Pain
  • Mental health & behaviour

The research teams within the Neuropharmacology group work closely with other researchers throughout the Institute of Translational Medicine to explore the underlying causes of these common nervous system disorders, to examine their consequences, and to identify new treatments.