Academic Medical Oncology and Early Drug Development


Liverpool Early Drug Development Unit:

LEDDU focuses the experience and expertise within the Department for the development of:

(i) Early phase studies in areas including small molecule inhibitors, immunotherapy, gene therapy, endocrine therapy and other novel agents;

(ii) Biomarker discovery and validation and molecular analysis of clinical samples.

To support these objectives LEDDU is led by Professor Daniel Palmer (Chair Medical Oncology), Dr Syed Hussain (Clinical Senior Lecturer, Medical Oncology), Professor Carlo Palmieri (Chair Translational Oncology) and Dr Bill Greenhalf (GCLP laboratories) and is underpinned by collaborative working including GCLP and GCLP biobanking.

LEDDU represents a key component of the Department, with a central role in facilitating the translational interface between basic scientific research and the clinic to produce an integrated translational research program, in which basic research identifies novel drug targets which then can be tested in clinical trials. Drug development, biomarker and drug resistance studies carried out as part of these trials can then feed back to the laboratory to direct new areas for both clinical and basic research.

LEDDU runs and, in collaboration with the ECMC Network, participates in high quality early phase trial activity. Research capability of LEDDU has also been enhanced by the recent MHRA accreditation for Phase I activity in the Clinical Research Facility of the RLUH.

• Hepatobiliary Oncology (Palmer, Johnson, Sibson)

• Urological Oncology (Hussain, Sibson)

• Breast Cancer (Palmieri, Sibson)