Liverpool Bio-Innovation Hub (LBIH) Biobank

Liverpool Bio-Innovation Hub Biobank Team

Sue Holden

LBIH Biobank Manager

Kelly Foody

LBIH Biobank Technician

Pat Gerard

 LBIH Biobank Technician

Ms Sue Holden is the LBIH Biobank Manager. She is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Biobank. This involves ensuring that all activities surrounding the procurement, storage, processing and issuing of biosamples are performed in strict accordance to the highest regulatory standards. She is also responsible for reviewing requests for material before they are submitted to the Biobank Review Panel, maintaining the LIMS system, managing the Biobank finances and enhancing the profile of the Biobank through presentations given to research groups within the University, the local hospitals and at national and international conferences.

Mrs Kelly Foody and Miss Pat Gerard are the LBIH Biobank Technicians. They are responsible for the handling and processing of theatre specimens and subsequent processing of material prior to storage.  The LBIH Biobank Technicians are also involved in cutting and staining sections from FFPE and frozen blocks of tissue and the construction of TMAs for the LBIH Biobank collection. Several of our technicians travel to different hospitals within the region, they are able to consent patients and collect specimens from theatre and bring them back to the LBIH Biobank.