Liverpool Bio-Innovation Hub (LBIH) Biobank

Services available


The Biobank has a range of specialised histology services on offer for both University researchers and external groups along with expert technical assistance from the Biobank technicians.

Services include:

  • Specimen preparation and paraffin embedding
  • Microtome sectioning of paraffin blocks
  • Cryostat sectioning of frozen specimens
  • Slide mounting of specimens
  • Haematoxylin and Eosin staining (H&E)
  • Routine and specialised staining
  • Immunohistochemistry service
  • Immunofluorescence staining.

Slide Scanning and Imaging

The Leica Aperio CS Slide Scanner scans slides containing sections or tissue microarrays and allows remote viewing, management and analysis of the images through a digital pathology management system.

This technology enables researchers to:

  • view digital slides from any workstation 
  • view multiple digital slides concurrently
  • annotate scanned sections using drawing tools
  • organise annotations by person or department by creating annotation layers
  • link annotations or images to create a viewing sequence
  • add text and descriptions to annotations
  • export and import annotations.

Laser Capture Microdissection facilities are available to isolate specific single cells or entire areas of tissue allowing easy isolation of Regions of Interest (ROI) from entire areas of tissue down to single cells or even subcellular structures such as chromosomes.

Blood Separation and Nucleic Acid Extraction

Services for blood separation include:

  • Serum separation from whole blood, by centrifugation
  • Plasma preparation
  • Peripheral blood mononuclear cell isolation
  • Plasma isolation for cell-free DNA/RNA preparations.

We are also able to undertake large quantities for routine blood processing (e.g. for clinical trials), or individual samples on a casual basis.

The Biobank also offers DNA and RNA isolation along with quantification of mRNA and other cellular molecules. These samples can be stored in cryostorage at the Biobank until needed or collected immediately.

We can extract DNA/RNA from:

  • blood
  • solid tissues
  • buccal swabs
  • urine
  • stool
  • dried blood spots.

Following isolation, we can carry out DNA or RNA quantification and if necessary, a quality report can be generated.