Liverpool Bio-Innovation Hub (LBIH) Biobank

Information for Patients

Donation of samples to the LBIH Biobank is a gift and we are very grateful to all patients who consent to donate. Consenting to donate, or refusing to donate samples to the LBIH Biobank does not affect routine care in any way and all patient personal details remain confidential. Samples and their associated data will only be used for ethically and scientifically approved research.

When researchers are issued with samples for projects, the samples are assigned a unique LBIH Biobank number so no-one can be identified by their samples. Only relevant clinical information is released to researchers with all patient identifiers removed.

Patients are identified as suitable potential donors by the clinical team responsible for their care. If they fulfill the eligibility criteria, they are approached by a member of the clinical team responsible for their care and asked if they would consider donating to the LBIH Biobank. The patient is given a copy of the LBIH Patient Information Leaflet to read which explains in more detail why they are being approached and for what purpose their donation would be used. Following a discussion with the individual obtaining consent, the patient is asked whether they would be willing to consent to donate to the LBIH Biobank. If they agree they are then given a copy of the LBIH Biobank Consent Form to sign which is countersigned by the individual obtaining consent. The completed consent form is returned to the LBIH Biobank and a copy of the consent form is placed with the patient notes and another copy is given to the patient to keep.

Patients who consent to donate and then subsequently change their mind can withdraw their consent at any time by contacting the LBIH Biobank office. The LBIH Biobank will arrange for the appropriate disposal of all samples held within the Bank, thus ensuring they will not be made available for research. There is no time limit up to which consent can be withdrawn; however, some of the biosamples may have already been issued to researchers. The LBIH Biobank cannot recall biosamples that have already been utilised but will request the return of any unused biosamples for adequate disposal.