North West Epilepsy Group (NWEG)

The North West Epilepsy Group (NWEG) was set up in 2010 by clinicians and researchers from Liverpool (Prof Tony Marson and Dr Graeme Sills) and Manchester (Dr Paul Cooper and Dr Rajiv Mohanraj). It aims to educate, facilitate collaboration and raise the profile of epilepsy and epilepsy research in north west England.

NWEG runs two half-day meetings each year, typically held on the afternoon of the first Wednesday in May and November, with the venues rotating between the Greater Manchester and Merseyside areas. These provide an open forum for discussion of epilepsy research, clinical audit and service development. The meetings usually comprise a 50 minute lecture given by a guest speaker from outside the region, together with 5-6 20 minute presentations from individuals based in the north west.

Our speakers and attendees come from across the region and include adult and paediatric neurologists, neurophysiologists (plus technicians), neuropsychologists, neuropsychiatrists, GPSIs, specialist nurses, basic scientists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, sociologists and qualitative researchers, health economists, statisticians and patient charities. Applications for CPD credits from the Royal College of Physicians are made for each NWEG meeting.

In addition to the twice yearly NWEG meetings, information on other events which are of relevance to the group (e.g. local, national and international meetings from organisations such as ABN and ILAE) are posted on our website as well as emailed out to the NWEG mailing list. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, or have any questions about NWEG, please email Dr Pete Dixon (

NWEG Meetings

The next NWEG meeting will be held on Wednesday 11th May (Venue TBC)

View details of Past NWEG meetings.

Other national meetings

Association of British Neurologists Annual Meeting:
This will be held on 17th-19th May 2016 at The Brighton Centre, Brighton.

Association of British Neurologists Autumn Meeting:
This will be held on 20th October 2016 at the Institute of Education, London.