Widening Participation

The University is committed to developing the employability skill and enriching experiences for staff and students. As the University develops a low-carbon sustainable community, we need your help and input to see our projects are successful and sustainable.

Remember everyone can get involved - whatever your skills, abilities, experience or background, you should be able to find an opportunity – so give it a go!

The Sustainability Challenge

We invite you to take on the University of Liverpool  (Staff only) in collaboration with Green Impact NUS, which allows staff to improve the environmental performance of their departments in friendly competition with each other. Department teams implement a range of criteria in the online workbook, from organising charity events, to promoting issues of biodiversity or energy saving actions.

The Sustainability Challenge allows staff to built team work skills whilst bringing sustainability skills into the workplace in an engaging way.

Staff and students can get involved by visiting the  (staff only) pages.