Hospitality at the University of Liverpool is overseen by the Residential, Sport and Commercial Services who aim to deliver these services by listening, learning and responding to customers' needs for healthy and sustainable sources of food.

Policy & Strategy

The University and Liverpool Guild of Students are maintaining Fairtrade University status, through a commitment to providing Fairtrade products at its outlets and events. Our Fairtrade Steering Group implements and monitors the Fairtrade Policy and works toward renewing our Fairtrade University status each year.

The Hospitality Liverpool is ensuring that local, organic and ethically-sourced, high quality food is provided throughout campus coffee bars, vending machines, and event catering. Residential, Sport & Commercial Services have developed a Healthy & Sustainability Food Policy which outlines their commitment to:

  • Seasonal menus
  • Ethically certified products, e.g. Organic
  • Ethically traded items, i.e. Fairtrade
  • Reducing food miles
  • Develop policy for using University farmed fruit & vegetables
  • Promote non-meat dishes as part of a balanced, climate-friendly diet


To maintain Fairtrade University Status and promote local, organic and Fairtrade food and drink.


Residential, Sport and Commercial Services are responsible for implementing the Healthy & Sustainable Food Policy.

The Fairtrade Steering Group is responsible for producing an annual report for the Fairtrade Foundation.


Farmers Market

The Farmer’s Market is hosted on University Square, Brownlow Hill, every second Thursday of the Month, 9:30-2:30pm. This allows producers and consumers in the local community interact directly, stimulating local economic development as well as cutting food miles and packaging associated with supermarket products. The University strives to ensure the Farmer’s Market is diverse and appealing to the community whilst reflecting different aspects of sustainable produce.

Grow Your Own

There are a number of community projects set up which promote grow your own – For more information see Transition University of Liverpool.