Inspiring sustainable action

Questions about inspiring action through discussion, debate, and the critical thinking and turning a crisis into an opportunity.

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How does the University encourage discussion, debate, and the critical thinking?

To be a sustainably conscious University community, with an engrained culture of sustainability activism, we actively encourage discussion, debate and the critical thinking to engage all staff and students across the university in environmental and ethical practice through teaching and learning, committees, networks, groups, societies, training, workshops, projects and engagement schemes. We offer oversight and involvement opportunities to staff and students for the development and ongoing monitoring of the strategies and policies, and we have student representatives who sit on committees that oversee sustainability at the University. For example, a Guild Officer sits on the Sustainability Board and student officers are given the opportunity to feed into the new Ethical Investment Policy.

What leadership opportunities are there for students?

The Guild Leadership Programme is designed to unlock unique leadership potential, with a range of innovative sessions, including sustainability, to develop you as a leader. From becoming a member of a society committee, sharing feedback as a Course Rep or attend one of the Leadership Programme events, to gain skills that will help you create real change. Previous sustainability related sessions include An Introduction to Education for Sustainable Development and How to Become a Sustainable Leader.

Where can I find out more about the sustainability governance structure?

Embedding sustainability into university leadership is critical to us becoming sustainable university, integrating a range of related issues into education, research, and business activities. This is managed through university governance.

The University Council, in partnership with Liverpool Guild of Students, has overarching responsibility for ensuring that the University meets its SDG Accord commitments, including reporting to the UN each year on how the University has contributed to the individual SDGs. The Senior Leadership Team has overarching responsibility for the University's Sustainability policy and ISO14001 accredited environmental management system (EMS). The Sustainability Board is chaired by Nicola Davies, Director of Finance; meeting quarterly it has strategic oversight of the strategy, projects, performance and EMS. It brings together the work from the individual working groups into a holistic framework. The Strategic Change Team support the Sustainability governance, planning, project and change management. Find out more here.