Benchmarking Performance

Environmental and sustainability benchmarking is a tool for comparing the environmental and sustainability performance of different institutions. This form of benchmarking is becoming increasingly important as these pertinent issues gain prominence within universities.

People and Planet Green League 

People and Planet is the largest student network in Britain campaigning to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment. The Green League is an award-winning environmental ranking of all the UK’s universities. Published annually in national newspapers, it measures the progress of the higher education sector in making the transition to a low-carbon future. The University’s ranking in the Green League has fallen over the years mainly because of changes to the methodology, however in 2012 we went up and were ranked 112th

Universities that Count (UTC) 

The University completed the UTC environment index for 2008/09 and 2009/10. UTC was based on the Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Indices, published in the Sunday Times in May each year as "Companies that Count". Following a major review of UTC in 2010/11, a new benchmarking tool, LiFE, was launched in November 2011.