Environmental Management

At the University of Liverpool we are embedding the principles of sustainabilty into everything we do - from teaching and learning to cross cutting research; from the development and operation of the estate to working with the local community.


'Sustainability University of Liverpool' is a collective vision for a responsible future developing our longstanding commitment to social responsibility and environmental impact, as set out in the Strategic Plan.


Sustainability sits as part of the University’s governance structure in the form of the Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) - Chaired by Professor Dinah Birch, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Exchange.

Policy & Strategy

The Sustainability Strategy/University's aspirations, direction and first steps in adopting a holistic approach to sustainability. Progress is monitored and reported by the Sustainability Advisory Board.

Demonstrating Continuous Improvement

To ensure that the University is making progress against the Sustainability Strategy the Sustainability Advisory Board monitors key performance indicators (KPI's) on an annual basis. 

In addition to this, an Environmental Management System is being implemented to provide a framework for demonstrating a continuous improvement in reducing environmental impacts. 

Benchmarking Performance

The University strives to be a leader in driving forward the sustainability agenda and continually benchmarks its progress against that of other institutions, particularly those who are also members of the Russell Group. 

Sustainability Advocates 

Engaging with staff and students is essential in ensuring that sustainability targets are achieved across the campus. A network of staff has been established to promote initiatives and increase awareness at a local level.

Sustainability Annual Report

With a small Sustainability Team it is key that sustainability is, and continues to be delivered across the university by those that are closest to area of impact.