If your grades could be subject to an appeal and you are still interested in pursuing an application to study here, please contact your School, College or centre that issued your results and visit the website for further details on the appeals process.

Where possible, if you have received your results or the outcome of an appeal by 8 September and your grades meet the acceptance criteria for the programme you are holding an offer for, we will try to confirm your place. However, please note that for a number of programmes, due to capacity restrictions or the need to limit numbers to ensure the best quality student experience, we are unable to accept grade outcomes achieved through appeal for 2021 entry (but will consider for 2022 entry).

These currently include Architecture; Business Management; Dentistry; Health Sciences; Medicine; Music; Psychology; Sociology, Social Policy Criminology and Veterinary Science, however that list maybe subject to change. Note also that acceptance levels may vary depending on the programme and additional information such as contextual data, so please contact us when you have received your results.

If you are placed with the University of Liverpool and after appealing your grade(s) are lower, please contact the Admissions Team to discuss your results. If your grades are lower we cannot guarantee your offer.

Your intent to appeal your grades

If you or your school/college plan to appeal your grades please complete this short online form to advise us of your intention to appeal.

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