Adjustment: better results than expected?

If you do better than you expected in your results, well done you! You may feel that you want to consider other options for your university degree. The process of 'Adjustment' allows you to do this.

What is Adjustment? 

If you have exceeded the conditions of your offer, you can use Adjustment to enquire about other vacancies:

  • Adjustment is available from A level results day.
  • You can find the Adjustment option on the choices screen in UCAS track.
  • If you can't find a course you would prefer to do during Adjustment, your original offer will be held.

How to use Adjustment to apply for a course at the University of Liverpool

  1. Click 'Register for Adjustment' in UCAS track.
  2. Browse the courses we offer at the University of Liverpool.
  3. Apply online on A level results day to apply for your chosen course.
  4. If we are able to make you an offer, you will receive an email telling you what you need to do next.

Confirming your Adjustment place

If you are eligible for Adjustment and have registered for Adjustment on UCAS Track, to secure your place email us at by the deadline given on your offer email. Please note that this offer will lapse if you do not respond by this deadline. When you email, include your full name, your UCAS personal identification number and the course code and title of the course you are accepting. Please use the phrase ADJUSTMENT ACCEPTANCE in the subject line so that we can prioritise its processing. When we receive your email, we will access your UCAS application to confirm that you have the qualifications you declared on your Clearing application form. If your qualifications include anything other than A Levels achieved in 2020, then please send a PDF of all transcripts and certificates as proof of your qualifications to

Once we have received your email and your qualifications documentation as appropriate, we will also check that you have exceeded the requirements of your initial conditional firm choice institution and so are eligible for Adjustment. We will then confirm your place as soon as we can, usually within two working days.

 You can only accept one offer of an Adjustment place and once you have done so you are firmly placed at the new institution and have given up your original firm place. Please consider carefully before accepting an Adjustment place. If you choose not to accept this offer, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing Please include your full name, your UCAS personal identification number and use the phrase ADJUSTMENT DECLINE in the subject line.

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