Where can I go?

Use our 'Study Abroad search tool' to find out more about the specific countries, courses, and universities that offer overseas study placements. You can jump straight in by carrying out a search, or if you're interested in a particular country, course, or university then try browsing opportunities using the picker menu below.

We've taken information direct from our partner universities websites for the estimated cost of living and whether you would be required to pay additional fees (e.g. compulsory health insurance). The total estimated cost includes any additional fees (and these fees and what they are for will be indicated in the "Additional Information" box).

Our Academic colleagues have worked hard to match suitable partners with each degree. But please note that these may always be subject to change for reasons outside of the University of Liverpool's control, e.g. curriculum changes at the partner.

Please note that for some partners, you're required to have a higher average in your Semester 1 exams in order to be eligible, we have indicated this in the "Additional Information".

The information provided in our profile is for guidance only and all information is, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of publication. But, please remember that information you receive direct from the partners will always supersede any information from the search tool.

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