Philosophy, Politics and Economics with a Year in Industry BA (Hons)

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Part of the School of the Arts, the Department of Philosophy is an exciting place to work and study. Staff and students together create an environment where critical, independent thinking flourishes, in a city that has a long tradition of welcoming radical thinkers and philosophers. Our friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere makes the exchange of ideas enjoyable, as well as intellectually stimulating.

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A good degree is a great start to a successful career. Studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics will help you to be able to work with quantitative and qualitative data, to construct and assess arguments, to consider issues from a variety of perspectives, to identify and evaluate the principles and values that underlie debates, and to engage in debate in a respectful and dispassionate manner. These skills are useful not only for your career: they can influence how you conduct your personal life. You will find that many employers value the skills associated with being a Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate.

Holly Martin

Holly Martin

Philosophy BA (Hons)

I think if you ask a lot of questions Philosophy is definitely for you. Every single day is different, you always leave a lecture asking questions and thinking critically about the world and life in general.

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