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Ecology and Marine Biology

School of Environmental Sciences

Liverpool has long led the way in teaching and research of these subjects. We were the first UK university to offer a degree in marine biology and our teaching staff includes world-leading academics in marine and terrestrial ecology, biodiversity and conservation. We are part of the School of Environmental Sciences so your studies will benefit from our shared links with ocean sciences, geography, earth sciences and the School of Life Sciences.

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We offer two BSc (Hons) degrees and a four-year Integrated Masters. Marine Biology is the study of all life in the sea, from the physiology and behaviour of individual organisms to the structure and organisation of entire marine communities. Marine Biology with Oceanography focuses on how physical and chemical processes in the oceans shape these biological interactions. In the first year of study there are several common elements between these programmes, so if you are not sure, you can very easily switch between them. We also offer a popular foundation route with a year at Carmel College.

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Ecology and Marine Biology

Sam Pownall

Marine Biology BSc (Hons)

I picked marine biology because starting from school I had a great interest in biological sciences, but also I was interested in the ecology side and the environment and conservation, and this is a great course that combines both of those. The University of Liverpool has a great reputation for research led teaching so you know that the work you’ll be doing will be really up-to-date.

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