LLB Law for Graduates

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Key information

  • Course length: 2 years
  • UCAS code: M109
  • Year of entry: 2019


School of Law and Social Justice

Law creates a framework within which we live as a society: from the food we eat to the medical treatment we receive, law is present as an aspect of everyday life. The study of Law gives insight into the regulation of society, our relationship with one another and with the State, the rights we hold and the conception of justice in our society. Law is an interesting and engaging subject, providing insight into the operation of society and the role of law in regulating the modern world, and studying Law provides a route towards a future career in the legal profession.

The Liverpool Law School offers an enthusiastic and energetic environment in which to enjoy the academic study of the law, while providing you with opportunities to enhance your employability and improve your professional prospects through extensive extra-curricular activities.  Students are empowered to engage with their studies and to enhance their future employability.

The Liverpool Law School has a proud tradition and over a century's experience of inspiring and challenging its students to reach their potential. We combine tradition and experience with modern methods of teaching, placing our graduates in an enviable position. Students benefit from a friendly environment and a dedicated staff who provide a specialist perspective on various aspects of the law.

Alumni of the School include judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court and County Court and Members of Parliament, who continue to make an important contribution to the learning experience and career prospects of our students.


Krislyn Ng

Law LLB (Hons)

Careers events in the School give you opportunities to interact with employers and mooting competitions help you become skilled at constructing legal arguments in a concise manner within a tight timeframe. I volunteer every week at the Liverpool Family and Civil Court, providing practical support to litigants without the benefit of legal counsel. I get to interact with people from a diverse range of cultures, and also to learn about the administrative duties of the court and gain a lot of exposure in the court.

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