Law with Criminology LLB (Hons)

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Key information


Our Law with Criminology programme allows students to combine law with a complimentary programme and still gain a qualifying law degree.

The major Law component of this programme invites you to develop a knowledge and understanding of legal concepts, their practical applications and policy implications within a supported learning environment that incorporates a range of different learning techniques.

Criminology, the minor component of this programme, involves study of crime as particular aspect of all societies. What is crime, who commits it, who are the victims, how do societies deal with crime, its perpetrators, and its victims? Our particular approach to Criminology is critical and involves asking important questions about who gets to define the criminal, who gets to determine the measures implemented to address crime as an aspect of society, as well questions about the unequal experience of offending, victimisation, and justice within and between societies.

Studying these subjects together means tackling some of the most interesting and important social issues of our times. The programme is not simply about acquiring knowledge however. Throughout the duration of the programme, you are encouraged to learn new skills and enhance your existing abilities to equip and prepare you for the demands of any future career.

You will be taught and supervised by world leading experts in the subject areas and experience a range of research engaged teaching, learning and assessment methods, including opportunities for applied and practice based learning. You will also be provided with opportunities to tailor your learning to suit your own particular interests and aspirations as you progress.

Programme in detail

This three year programme of study involves students undertaking a combination of mandatory and selected modules. Modules represent discrete units of teaching, learning, and assessment, with each module focussing on a different topic area, a particular set of debates or ideas, or a particular set of skills. All modules are led by academic staff who are experts in their field.

Mandatory modules in years one and two of the programme are designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of key concepts, debates, and skills in both Law and Criminology. Students are also required to select two options from our constantly evolving list of research led modules.

In year three of the programme students are required to select modules from a wide range of options in both Law and Criminology. These modules allow students to specialise and develop expertise in specific topic areas and reflect the staff groups own unique research interests and expertise. You can also undertake a dissertation, which is a self-directed research project, and make an original contribution to contemporary law and policy debates