International Business BA (Hons)

Key information

The International Business BA provides you with access to a multicultural team of expert academic staff that challenge established approaches to international business and publish high quality research used by global practitioners and policy makers.

This programme has an internationally focused curriculum to help you analyse, understand and act on the global challenges and opportunities faced by both advanced economies of Europe, Asia and North America as well as emerging markets of Asia and Latin America.

As part of the programme, you can visit a continental European city to experience first-hand another country’s economy and the opportunity to study a modern language alongside your studies.

As XJTLU students will join Year 2 at The University of Liverpool, this PDF provides relevant module information for the following programme(s):

Cover for management school 2+2

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Programme Year Two

In your second year of study, you will continue to be familiarised with the main management functional areas and extend your knowledge of international business as well as exploring entrepreneurship and innovation.

Upon successful completion of your second year, you will be able to further understand concepts relevant to International Business and International Management and interpret and analyse introductory statistical techniques appropriate to understanding international commerce. You will also be able demonstrate the link between entrepreneurship, innovation and business creation from start-ups right up to large multinational organisations.

Programme Year Three

Your final year will consolidate your knowledge and understanding through a much greater opportunity for personal study and research, as well as study modules that probe more deeply into contemporary issues in global business. With more optional modules to choose from you are able to pursue areas of study of particular interest to you and your future career plans.

Upon successful completion of your final year, you will have developed a sound understanding and knowledge of management theory and practice as well as the functional elements of international business and management. You’ll develop a knowledge of the global economic environment and the main ethical problems facing international organisations. You will also develop your strategic thinking and the ability to critique critical issues in international business.