This Minor covers the learning of Latin and reading texts in the original language. There are five levels of study in this programme from beginners level, and you will be put into the programme at the stage that fits with your previous experience. For example, if you have no previous experience of Latin you will go into Latin I; if you have an A level you will enter the programme at Latin III.

There are five levels of study in this programme, and you are slotted in at the appropriate level for your language experience.

In level I, beginners or students with little or no experience learn the terminology of learning a language, basic grammar and vocabulary. Simple sentences and passages provide the experience required for moving on to continuous texts.

In level II, you will build on the skills acquired in level I and engage in a more direct and substantial contact with pieces of literature in Latin.

In level III, you will be reading whole entities (e.g. a book of the Aeneid) in the original language, and engaging with the language at a sophisticated level. You will also be studying the literature and stylistic values of the respective author(s).

In levels IV and V, you will continue to read whole books in the original language, and be using commentaries and secondary literature more systematically to enhance your knowledge of literary and stylistic values and strategies, and the impact of the set works in social space.

Especially at the upper levels the texts selected reflect the areas of particular expertise of the Liverpool teaching staff. In each year you will take 30 credits of Latin.