Heritage Studies

Heritage Studies considers how we deal with the past in the present. This can involve our physical heritage assets, whether in museums or heritage centres. 

Programme Content

This Heritage Minor will provide you with a framework through which you can engage with conceptual, political, ethical and practical aspects of heritage. In Year One, two modules introduce the concepts, politics and practicalities of heritage. In Year Two, two modules consider the role and management of museums and monuments and the legislative frameworks in which heritage management operates. In Year Three, two modules deal with ethical issues and involve a heritage special project. There is both a particular focus on UK heritage but also a global perspective.

Heritage Studies is an excellent Minor alongside Majors in History, Archaeology, Business Studies, Politics and many other subjects. Liverpool is an excellent place to undertake this with our University Museums, the Garstang and the Victoria Museums and Galleries and the National Museums Liverpool and Liverpool's many other remarkable heritage assets.