Frequently Asked Questions

While the possibility of combining subjects in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences may sound appealing, we understand that you may have some questions about some of the practicalities of an Honours Select degree. Below are some of the things we are asked most frequently by prospective students.

If I choose two subjects, will I have more work?

Don’t worry! Choosing two subjects does not mean you will have twice as much work. You will study the same number of credits as a Single Honours students by taking fewer modules in each subject. Of course, you will have to learn two subjects. However, the benefits of studying two subjects you are passionate about should far outweigh any concerns you have.

Will I be taught in separate classes if I choose an Honours Select degree?

No! The modules you study will be the same as Single Honours students, meaning you will be in the same lectures, seminars and tutorials as them.

I’m thinking about studying two subjects. How and when do I decide on my combination of subjects for my first year?

Simply decide on your subjects and apply using the UCAS code, which you will be able to find using the subject combination grids on this page.

If I choose an Honours Select course, will I be able to study abroad?

Study Abroad and Year in China are amazing opportunities for you to spend part of your degree studying at a prestigious partner university, including at our unique joint venture in China at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. As an Honours Select student you can apply to study abroad if both of your chosen subjects have compatible partners. Visit to check which opportunities you are eligible for.

If I chose two subjects, when will I have to decide on my final degree combination?

We need to know your final degree combination and weighting by the end of your first year, so we can make sure everything is in place for the start of your second year. For combinations where you are eligible to do so, this process will involve having the opportunity to adjust the weighting of your chosen subjects by 25%. We will encourage you to think about the progress you have made and what aspects of your degree you have most enjoyed, before asking you to make your decision.

Many students decide that they do not want to make any changes, while others prefer to alter the weighting of their subjects to reflect how their interests and aspirations have evolved during their first year of study.

Will studying two subjects make me less appealing to employers?

Absolutely not! In fact, many employers say the opposite, suggesting that the versatility and breadth of knowledge associated with studying two subjects enhances students’ employability.

It is also worth noting that we have designed all of our programmes to combine well with other subjects.

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