Frequently asked questions about Honours Select.

If I choose two subjects will I have more work?

Don't worry, just because you've chosen two subjects doesn't mean you'll have twice as much work. You'll study the same number of credits as a single honours student, but just take fewer modules in each subject.

Of course, you will have to learn two different subjects but the benefits far outweigh any concerns, as you get to study two subjects that you have a genuine interest and passionate for.

Will I be taught in separate classes if I choose an Honours Select degree?

No, you'll study alongside other students taking a Single Honours degree. The modules you study will be the same as Single Honours students, so you'll be in the same lectures, seminars and practicals as your fellow students.

I'm thinking of studying two subjects – how and when do I decide on my combination of subjects for my first year?

If you'd like to study two subjects as a Joint Honours, then you'll need to know both subjects before you apply; you'll need to use the relevant Joint Honours UCAS code detailed on our  grid.

If I choose two subjects then when will I have to decide on my final degree combination?

We need to know your chosen combination before the end of your first year so we can make sure everything is in place for the start of your second year. We'll ask you to think about your progress and what you've enjoyed before asking you to make any decision.

Many students will decide not to make any changes, others may want to adjust the balance to better suits their interests and ambitions, which may have evolved during their first year of study.

Will studying two subjects make me any less appealing to prospective employers?

Definitely not! We've spoken to employers across the country about what they look for in graduate recruits. Above all else they want people who can demonstrate flexibility, versatility and possess multi-disciplinary skills – these are the skills that will make you stand out from the competition and it's these skills that you'll gain through choosing Honours Select, whether you decide to focus on one subject or two.