Entry requirements

Single Honours (100%)

You can find out the entry requirements of your chosen subject by checking the Entry Requirements tab on our subject pages.

Joint Honours (50:50)

For all Joint Honours (50:50) combinations, the entry requirement is ABB.

The only exception is where both subjects have an entry requirement of BBB, in which case the Joint Entry (50:50) combination entry requirement will also be BBB. 

Please note, that in some areas subject specific requirements will be required. For Joint Honours (50:50) combinations, students will need to satisfy the subject specific entry requirements for both subject areas. Please check the entry requirements tab on each subject page on our website for further details and information on entry requirements for non-A level qualifications.

Major/Minor (75:25)

For Major/ Minor combinations, the entry requirements for the Major subject will apply. For example, if the Major subject asked for ABB at A level and the Minor subject required AAA, the entry requirements would be ABB. The subject specific requirements for the major subject must also be met. Generally, we don’t require students to achieve subject specific entry requirements for their chosen Minor. However, as French is not currently offered at Beginners’ Level, we will usually require a B at A level in French to study it as a Minor. The only exception is the A level requirement for Economics at 25% for which we would require a grade B at A level Mathematics.