Combining Subjects – Entry Requirements

What qualifications will you need to study two subjects in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences?

Joint Honours (50:50)

For the majority of 50/50 combinations, A Level grades of ABB (or equivalent) are required. However, BBB are the entry criteria for combinations where the requirements for each subject are BBB.

For 50/50 combinations, students will need to satisfy the entry criteria for both subject areas, including any GCSE requirements or specific additional qualifications. For example, 50/50 combinations involving Economics require a minimum of a B in A Level Mathematics. Similarly, for combinations involving Business, a GCSE Level 5 or above in Mathematics is required.

Before applying, prospective students should consult the requirements listed on the webpages for each of their chosen subjects.

Major/Minor (75/25) (100%)

For Major/Minor combinations, the entry requirements for the Major subject will apply. In other words, if your chosen Major requires ABB, but your Minor requires AAA, it will be the entry criteria for the Major that apply. You will also be expected to meet any subject-specific requirements for your chosen Major.

A small number of courses will require specific qualifications even if they are being studied as a Minor subject. For example, combinations that include Business as a Minor subject require a GCSE Level 5 or above in Mathematics. As such, if you are intending to study two subjects, please check the entry criteria of each, regardless of whether you will be studying them as a Major, a Minor, or as part of a Joint degree.