How to build your Honours Select degree

Click on one of the following statements that best suits your interests to find out more.

I’m interested in one subject only

STEP 1: Access our detailed subject pages to learn more about the subject you’re interested in. While a few of our Single Honours programmes require you to take some wider modules just in the first year, others are exclusive to one subject throughout.

STEP 2: Check to see if your chosen subject is also available as part of a Major / Minor or Joint Honours degree programme - this will mean that you can choose an additional subject to study in your first year and decide during this time if you’d like to continue with this.

STEP 3: Once you’vedecided which subject you’d want to study, simply apply using the relevant UCAS code found on your subject page.

I’m interested in one ‘Major’ subject, but would like the opportunity to explore another subject as a ‘Minor’

STEP ONE: Take a look at our  to get some inspiration. Think about the subject you’re most interested in and then check to see which Minors you can combine it with.

STEP 2: Once you’ve spotted something that interests you, take a look at our subject pages to find out more about each one.

STEP 3: When you’ve decided what you want to apply for, use the UCAS code for your Major subject on the grid; we’ll then register you for your Minor subject when you first start with us. During your first year you’ll be able to decide how you want to continue studying the rest of your degree in terms of subject weighting.

STEP 4: If you can’t find the subject you’re interested on the Major grid column, please check the subject pages for more information. In a few cases, subjects are only available as a 100% Single Honours degree, or as a Joint or Minor subject.

I’m equally interested in two subjects

STEP 1: Take a look at our . Once you’ve seen a combination you’re interested in then check our subject pages for more information about each one.

STEP 2: When you’ve identified a combination you’d like to apply for, please use the relevant UCAS code on the grid in your application.